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Our News & Events page includes Society news and information on events world-wide related to the Art of Arthur Rackham.

Please use our Contact Page to inform the Society of upcoming events of likely interest to Society members and others with an interest in Arthur Rackham and his art.

5 Sept 2019

Heritage Auctions will host their "Rare Books Signature Auction Featuring The Otto Penzler Collection of Mystery Fiction, Part II #6212" at their New York location; prior to the auction, some items will be available for preview at Heritage in London. This is an online / live auction that features much original art and many limited, signed editions! Click HERE to see the listing for this auction.

25 July 2019

PBA Galleries will host the following auction at their San Francisco location: Sale No. 679, "Art & Illustration, Fine Books". Lot Nos. 168-185 are Rackham books. Click HERE to visit the auction catalogue.

13 June 2019

Bonhams will host the following auction at Bonhams in New York: Sale No. 25261, "Fine Books and Manuscripts". Lot Nos. 131-135 feature Rackham books. Click HERE to visit the auction catalogue.

April 2019

The Journal of the Arthur Rackham Society (JARS) No. 61

7 March 2019

PBA Galleries will host the following auction at their San Francisco location: Sale No. 668, "Fine Books: A Biblio-Medley for All Tastes". Lot Nos. 459-460 are books containing Rackham illustrations.. Click HERE to visit the auction catalogue.

29 Jan 2019

Swann Galleries will host their Sale No. 2497, "Fine Illustrated Books and Graphics," at their New York location. Lot Nos. 44-50 feature Rackham-illustrated books. Click HERE to visit the Swann site to view the auction catalogue.

24 Jan 2019

PBA Galleries will host the following auction at their San Francisco location: Sale No. 665, "Mid-Winter Miscellany Part II – with Illustrated & Children’s Books!". Lot Nos. 73-79 are books containing Rackham illustrations.Click HERE to visit the auction catalogue.

Of Special Interest

New Animated Film Adaptation of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
Oct 2012 -- Serpentine Films is working on a new animated film adaptation of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens based on the original illustrations by Rackham.  Please go HERE to view the main trailer for this work.  See JARS #48 for additional information on this production.  We will post updates here and in the Journal.

April 2013 -- Steve Arnott has informed us his crew is now working with an experienced film producer, Mike Foley, based in London.  Please go HERE to view a new film segment that shows the King walking in Kensington Gardens.

September 2013 -- According to Steve Arnott, the Peter Pan movie is making good progress. Steve indicates he did some film work in Norway last month, where they are keen on the project; part of the film may be produced there. Please go HERE to view some recent clips that have been produced; the music is also original to the project.

October 2013: -- Steve Arnott sent the following update: "Here is the latest version of the trailer for the movie of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. It's looking even better." Please go HERE to view.

A Conversation with George T. McWhorter
April 2013 -- The Society recently learned that one of our esteemed members, George T. McWhorter, was recorded in a clip titled "A Conversation with George T. McWhorter" that is now available on the web. According to George, the interview was conducted "in Chicago at the 2010 Dum-Dum when I was given a medal for my work as curator of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Memorial Collection at the University of Louisville, and as editor of the Burroughs Bulletin for 20 years". Additionally, Mr. McWhorter was the major contributor to The Arthur Rackham Memorial Collection housed in the Ekstrom Library at the University of Louisville.

To view "A Conversation with George T. McWhorter", please go HERE.

The Art of Magic Making by Charles Vess
April 2013 -- Celebrated artist member Charles Vess has a YouTube posting that features "The Art of Magic Making", a presentation by Charles Vess. The lecture and slide presentation was made at Virginia Commonwealth University earlier this month. The 1 hr 13 min. video time-line is as follows:

0:00 -- Introduction
4:30 -- Charles' professional career and honors
8:00 -- Beginning of Charles' presentation
40:00 -- Step-by-step making of The Cats of Tanglewood Forest

You can view Charles' YouTube posting by going HERE.

Dealer-Member Videos
International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB) has conducted interviews with a number of booksellers, some of whom are members of The Arthur Rackham Society. Following are some we have identified: